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    About Us

    We believe objects that inhabit our homes reflect the people that live inside.

    This means creating products that are unique, beautiful and ethical.

    Sustainability is key to the entire process, from conception to production. All of our products are inspired by an appreciation of their materials, the craftsmanship, and their purpose.

    At Delapalma we believe we have a duty to our planet to promote working ethically and highlight this work so that you can make an informed decision when deciding what products should be in your home.

    Our passion for our products comes from a lifetime of creating. When you make small-batch productions, you appreciate the time, effort and skill that goes into each piece. You understand that our planet’s resources are finite and you act accordingly.

    At De La Palma, producing and ethics go hand in hand. Everyone from suppliers to those who stock our products, are expected to act ethically and responsibly too.

    All our products are the result of a long process of trial and error; loving the accidental, handcrafting with different materials and prototyping in our workshop.

    Our products are characterized by a use of vibrant wood, which is grown in FSC approved sustainably managed forests. Especially noteworthy is our use of Agave. In areas where water is limited, the Agave plant has become a vital part of promoting economic development. All our agave is sourced locally, recycled and used to produce beautiful and long lasting products for your home. This is truly a no-waste plant.

    We work hard to ethically source all our materials but it doesn’t stop there. We take that instinct to find natural alternatives for common industrial manufacturing processes.

    With the final design in place, we begin producing small batches of each design meaning each product is unique to you.

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