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    From: 170,00$

    Sizes: Height / Diameter (cm)

    Small: 26 x 22ø

    Medium: 35 x 23ø

    Large: 60 x 28ø

    Extra Large: 73 x 30ø


    Material: Agave Wood

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    The lamp organically blends in a rural environment, at the same time as providing a raw touch within a city apartment.

    Nature is a design aesthetic we can’t duplicate, therefore bringing it into our homes makes them feel more natural.

    Created from Agave wood, the pendant lamp gives your home a sense of calm from above with the sunrise color lighting through the wood. It contrasts the forces of nature with a perfect refinement of the wood to highlight craftsmanship skills that transcend traditional wood uses.

    Why is Agave an awesome choice? Where water is limited, the Agave plant has become a vital part of promoting economic development. Widely used in a variety of eco-friendly materials, this is truly a no-waste plant. Not only does its material beautify your space, you can feel good purchasing items made from Agave because they are 100% recycled and recyclable.



    E-27 socket plugs directly to 220 V, 60W MAX

    Cord Length: 250cm. If you want a custom cord length feel free to send a message during checkout and we’ll change it’s size.

    No Bulb included

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